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Thursday, February 6, 2014

i've had breakfast for dinner every night this week. is that weird? yeah. thought so. funny how comforting pancakes can be for dinner, yet you don't hear many people wanting pot roast for breakfast.

i think my strange breakfast compulsion has been because of my crazy work schedule. i've been bogged down with deadline after deadline - no real end in sight. so thank goodness i love my job. because it's nuts.

my sweet boyfriend has plans to whisk me away to st. petersburg for the weekend. time away from home, responsibilities, work, distractions, obligations - i can't even express how excited i am. we're only going to do what we want, when we want. and it's going. to. be. amazing. and he picked a boutique hotel that is extremely dog friendly, so our pup will make the trip with us. even better.

we plan on grabbing brunch saturday morning and then bumming around the city until it's time for dinner and drinks. the weather isn't going to be stellar {i know, i live in florida, which bans my right to complain about weather...ever}, so shorts and a sweater should be absolutely perfect.

bon voyage!

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