weekend recap

Sunday, February 9, 2014

what an amazing weekend! here's a glimpse of what we did while we were hiding out (a mere 20 minutes away) in st. petersburg for the weekend.

1 - the best pastries you'll find in the area are at mazarro's italian market. and of course, they're all fat free.
2 - shopping was a must. loving brights and neons accents for summer.
3 - a row of bikes at red mesa cantina.
4 - cutest little {dog friendly} coffee shop in our hotel {hollander hotel}.
5 - speaking of dogs...here's ours. making friends with a mastiff.
6 - the best thing you'll ever eat that you can't pronounce. sfogliatelle. shell-shaped-citrus-zested-almond-extracted-ricotta-filled pieces of heaven.

and, of course, we had to spend our night at my favorite bar. the mandarin hide. is this place not gorgeous?

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