weekend recap

Sunday, February 16, 2014

what a whirlwind this weekend was. though i spent some really long hours at the office, i feel like i had a chance to really embrace some "me" time. i took the pup on two long walks around south tampa and was totally inspired by everything i saw. perfectly manicured lawns, houses painted in fabulous color combinations {that pink door!}, and door knockers galore {my new obsession}. i spent time getting good and excited about some upcoming projects {hello thrift store lamp, you little devil, you!}, allowed myself to dream and set goals, and immersed myself in blogs, pinterest, magazines, and anything else that tickled my fancy and energized me. oh, and made a killer cocktail called "the honey badger" - if you haven't tried it - you must.

don't forget to spend some time doing something you love. it's completely and totally rejuvenating - and exactly what i needed.

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