hello, weekend

Friday, March 28, 2014

hello, weekend.

i've been pretty busy this week, but luckily it's been with fun projects. on wednesday night i planned and hosted "girls' wine down wednesday" which was a total blast. we have such a big group of friends {couples, mainly}, so it's nice when the girls can break away and get some quality girl time in.

i've also been working on an editorial calendar for the blog. having worked for a magazine in the past, i'm extremely aware of how important it is to have a plan. unfortunately, with my own busy work schedule, i've had a hard time putting pen to paper and figuring out exactly what it is i want to do. but, it's now in the works!

it's supposed to be gross and rainy all weekend {what's with that, florida? i thought it was summer!}, so i have a few diy projects in mind, along with finishing up breaking bad {omg obsessed}. it's also nice and dry in the mall, so i wouldn't be surprised if i ended up there, probably to check out some of my latest obsessions:

this gift with purchase. who doesn't love a bright lip right now? and that wand?? dying.

are one-pieces back? actually, who cares if they aren't, i'm getting this one anyway. my tan line may be awful, but i can't get over how feminine and sexy they can be. and...it's on sale. sold.

thrilled to catch up on some reading. i've heard a lot of buzz about this one, and i'm also excited to start this one for our new book club.

have a lovely weekend!


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