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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ya'll. cowgirls aren't what they used to be. 

nashville was absolutely amazing this past weekend. the city has a hipster vibe but it maintains its southern traditions, and i just can't get over it. and though you will see some true cowboys {thank you bluebird cafe}, the newer neighborhoods are far more modern - dotted with local coffee shops and bars and boutiques.

as someone raised in the south, i get giddy when i see the new direction "southern" is going. have you seen garden & gun yet? if you haven't - you must. this isn't your momma's southern living {though i do still adore that mag}. the style in nashville was a eclectic mix of traditional southern styles, feminine pieces, and new, edgier trends. cowboy boots have been transformed into modern booties, worn western shirts look fresh in chambray, especially when tucked into a traditional gingham skirt that looks especially sweet in this feminine shape. oh, and that standard strand of pearls packs a new punch. just throw on some shades, paint your lips pink, and you're the new south.

the south is changing, but staying true to its roots. and what a lovely transformation it is.

here are some snapshots from our weekend, complete with my list of must-not-miss spots:

vintage bowling alley meets clean, modern decor. everything about their design is spot on. even the bowling shoes were cool.
our tj's opens in a few weeks {yay!}. there is no better place to indulge in fresh flowers.

holland house is one of the most relaxing, cool bars i've ever visited. and boy, do they know how to shake a cocktail. my fav was the redheaded stranger: fernet + mathilde peche + beet juice.

my favorite coffee shop, maybe ever. 
{the gang}
bowling at pinewood social.
{hatch show print shop + edleys}
the letterpress that produced nearly all country star's posters over past 100 years. still making beautiful posters with the press.
if it's not brisket, it's not bar-b-que {spoken like a true texan). and this is bar-b-que.
{st. paul and the broken bones}
we flew in and went directly to the mercy lounge to see this band. and boy, can they wail. found this article about them in my latest garden & gun on the flight home.

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